Other information

This is information collected from various reliable sources including Government and nutrition experts.

The New Lifestyle Wellness Pyramid

A new way of thinking about the food pyramid to include exercise, water and supplements as well as food to improve wellness

Food Chemical Sensitivities

This brochure discusses the most common chemicals in food that cause sensitivities and which foods to avoid

Exercise Guide

The benefits of exercise are well known to everyone. This brochure discusses how to prioritise and plan your exercise regime, how to eat properly to get the most out of exercising and how to protect yourself from injury

Healthy Skin

This brochure has information about the factors that contribute to healthy, clear skin, such as diet, lifestyle and herbal medicines

Eczema in Children

How vitamins and minerals may reduce the risk of children developing eczema

What is inflammation

A brief description of inflammation and the herbal and nutritional medicine that may help alleviate it

Healthy Heart Maintenance

Clinical information about what causes Cardiovascular Disease, what it is and what herbs, nutrients and lifestyle measures can maintain a health health and cardiovascular system.

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