Improve egg quality for women over 40
- 4 weeks supply


Egg quality is a serious issue for women trying to conceive - especially over the age of 40. One of the main problems is that the egg contributes all the mitochondria for the embryo. Mitochondria are found in every cell of your body and are were energy is made for the cell. As we age, our mitochondria get damaged by free radicals and the cells can't produce as much energy. Sperm have their mitochondria in their tail, which is dropped at fertilisation, so they don't add any to the embryo.

This package contains the herbs like Vitex agnus castus and Paeonia lactiflora, which are very good for improving ovarian function in general but especially for egg quality issues such as fragmentation and thickened zona.

The pack also includes high quality Co-enzyme Q10, which is used by the mitochondria to produce energy. This nutrient is a vital contributor to improved egg quality and has anti-aging properties.

Another nutient, lipoic acid, is contained in a combination of specific antioxidants that protect the mitochondria from further damage - buying you time while you undergo your treatment and stopping your eggs from further free radical damage. The additional benefit is that this protection and anti-aging occurs in every cell of your body, not just your eggs.

There is enough in this pack to last for 4 weeks of treatment. The minimum recommended treatment time is 8 weeks. However, if you have planned to have a treatment cycle before 8 weeks you will still benefit from these herbs and nutrients.

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