Introducing Xavier

Saturday 15 May, 2010

Hi Anne,
just wanted to let you know I had a beautiful baby boy on Boxing Day 2009. His name is Xavier James and he was 7lb 8 oz. He was due on Jan 10th and I was really hoping to go over so he wasn't born so close to Christmas but he had other ideas. My husband is happy though because he believes Xavier will make his cricket test debut for Australia on his 21st birthday. He thinks it's a sign that he's going to be a great cricketer. Xavier's absolutely beautiful and I know you like people to send you photos so I thought I would attach a couple.

Thanks again for your help, I really believe the herbs were what did it because it was the first time in months that my cycle seemed normal. I had all the ovulation signs that I wasn't getting before that and I just knew that month it was going to work.
Testimonial By: Brooke

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