Wednesday 02 February, 2011

Anne, thankyou so much for your wisdom & assistance.

For anyone interested, I was diagnosed with PCOS & insulin resistance at the age of 14 & endometriosis at the age of 22. I started seeing Anne then to find out how I could change my diet & lifestyle to improve my chances of being able to conceive & to lessen my symptoms.
Anne helped me immensely, particularly with my diet & by providing natural supplements.
Today, at the age of 25, I have just received excellent news: I HAVE MANAGED TO CURE MY INSULIN RESISTANCE!
After reviewing my most recent blood test results my doctor told me that with a good diet, lots of exercise & natural supplements my body has righted itself. Even more exciting: he thinks I may not have PCOS any longer as well! I'll find out soon with more tests.

There's hope if you have insulin resistance &/or PCOS.
Best of all, you pave the way for a lifetime of good health & habits that improve your quality of life beyond expectation.
Testimonial By: Joanna

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