Monday 12 November, 2012

Hi Anne

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the support and advice you provided to me during the difficult days of conception. After being told by one obstetrician that my only option was donor eggs after a failed IVF attempt, I'm about to have a baby that was conceived 100% naturally without any fertility or medical assistance. I strongly believe the vitamins and herbs together with the acupuncture that was recommended by you made all the difference in preparing my body for pregnancy and ultimately leading to conception.

I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and all is going extremely well and I'm feeling great, although a bit tired and cranky at times! My 12 and 20 week scans were all normal and my obstetrician is happy with how my pregnancy is travelling along. So far, so good. Our baby is due in April next year on our 1yr wedding anniversary and were both very excited.

Once again many thanks and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
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