Unbelievable Help

Saturday 24 November, 2012

My husband had resorted to IVF after unsuccessfully trying to fall pregnant.

After 3yrs of trying....nothing.

Anne prescribed both my husband and I natural medicines & vitamins.
She also diagnosed me with endometriosis and wrote a letter to my fertility specialist asking for him to perform a laproscopy.

Sure enough, my surgeon found this is exactly what I had.(Whiuch was then removed)

After, 3 egg harvests and 12 embryo transfers we finally had some sort of explanation or at least a contributing factor.

Throughout all my consultations, Anne was easy to talk to and forever positive we would achieve our desired outcome. I live in Hobart and all consultations were done over the phone and unbelievably so was Anne's diagnosis of endometriosis.

1 egg harvest and 3 transfers later (using a total of 5 embryos) and 3 months after my endometriosis one of our embryos finally: "stuck".

We welcomed baby Freya into the world in Oct 2012.

During my journey I had became desperate, was in total despair and beginning think i would never realise my dream of becoming a parent.
I was diagnosed with major depression due to my infertility.

Anne changed all that in the most wonderful way.

We will never be able to thank her enough
Testimonial By: Naomi Elwell

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