Elevated FSH

Elevated FSH can be a serious problem for some women trying to conceive. When the hormone oestrogen is low there is no trigger to reduce the FSH level and so it increases. This can interfere with ovulation and also the response to IVF drugs. High levels of FSH make even IVF impossible.

There is no medical treatment for elevated FSH but herbal medicine is very often effective. Many well informed IVF clinicians refer their patients with high FSH levels for this specific treatment. The success rate is excellent, depending on how long the FSH has been elevated.

There are different options for treatment depending on whether you still have a period and can identify your Day 1 of cycle and whether you are good at taking liquid herbs or would prefer tablets.

The tablet option is very good, but from experience the liquid is more reliable (so long as it's taken daily). If compliance is difficult with liquids then tablets are the better option.

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