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A big thank you

Tuesday 20 December, 2011

Hi Anne, A quick note as I wanted to say a big thank you for all your amazing advice and support. I'm so glad I came to see you after going through months of IVF treatment. And after seeing you from one appointment and closely following your advice before my next transfer I am now pregnant!Its the hope we were all waiting for! Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you in a couple of months.
Testimonial By: Christie


Monday 28 November, 2011

Hi Anne,

Just a quick message to let you know that I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I used your suggestions and also kept following a naprotechnology plan from a GP up here who specialises in it. So after 5 miscarriages in a row our little 3 and half year old boy will finally have a little brother.

What a journey hey! I'm so glad we didn't give up and that we kept going after the 5 miscarriages. The doctor I was seeing hadn't really heard of CO Q 10 until I started talking to him about it. He keeps in touch with the doctors in the US who practice naprotechnology though and ended up finding out that they have started to use CO Q 10 as part of naprotechnology. I had been through the naprotechnology twice but still miscarried those (was unusual for the doctor as normally that doesn't happen) but third time with the CO Q 10, extra vit D and napro it has been working out.

Thanks so much for your advice and input.
Testimonial By: Sharon

Twins are well.

Monday 10 October, 2011

Hi Anne,

Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you that all is going well with my pregnancy.

I am 23 weeks now and ultrasounds show that both babies are girls so we are excited about that!

I will keep you updated on how it's all going.

Thanks again,

Testimonial By: Elaine

Thank-you So Much Anne

Wednesday 07 September, 2011

After 3 years and 4 operations for endometriosis and 3 miscarriages we finally have our beautiful little boy!!!

I credit Anne's treatment to finally letting my 39 year old body conceive and carry our little boy to term.

I met Anne 2yrs into our trying to conceive journey and many many years of dealing with endometriosis. I was at a low point and thought our only option was ivf. Anne helped me see we had a few more things to try first. She helped me to clear out my system and get my body balanced and ready to conceive. And it worked!!!

I highly recommend Anne to anyone who has a history of endometriosis and trying to get pregnant. She is an amazing wealth of knowledge and so easy to talk to.
Testimonial By: Sandi

You are an angel

Sunday 21 August, 2011

You are an angel

Thank you Anne for assisting in bringing into this world our little baby 'Ivy'. Having endometriosis, our journey to conceive was a very frustrating one. You turned it around to being one filled with optimism. After finally falling pregnant, thanks to your help, my 9 months were a joy.
You are wonderful. Look forward to your help again very soon. You are an angel.

Love Georgia
Testimonial By: Georgia Ingram

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