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Wednesday 05 October, 2016

I hope all is well,

Following our session earlier last month, I started taking the Vitex 1000 as you recommended and my husband started taking Paternal Plus ... And I'm pregnant! My period was due on Sunday but I've been having positive pregnancy tests since Saturday (when I first starting testing).
Testimonial By: Erin

Feeling much better

Monday 14 December, 2015

Dear Anne,

I can hardly believe it but after months of suffering a weak stomach - finally it feels settled. The cramps are gone and it has stopped whooshing around like a washing machine. This morning I was not anxious driving in.
Receiving compliments from workmates that I look like I've been away on holiday!

Words cannot describe my gratitude.

Thank you so much,

Testimonial By: June

Our baby is here- thank you Anne.

Wednesday 14 October, 2015

Hi Anne- Griffin Patrick was born on 23 March 2015.

He came after my second round of IVF , the round which I saw you just prior too and we had changed a few of the supplements around to increase my egg quality. Well, it obviously worked! I had 7 eggs and ONE little guy stuck it out and he's here today- nearly 7 months on.

I cannot recommend your services highly enough. Aside from providing the supplements needed to get a result, you were an emotional support and friend as well. To anyone looking to use naturopathy as an additional helper in the IVF process, your first post of call is Anne.

Melbourne IVF published my story in the eMagazine "Beginnings", and although
I wasn't allowed to use your name, it is you who I'm referring to ;) The link is at the bottom.

Thanks again, and I'll be in touch to get this body back together!

Vanessa and Griffin Kewish
Testimonial By: Vanessa Ellinor Kewish

Baby Whisperer

Monday 08 September, 2014

Hi Anne,

I hope you are well!

You must be the baby whisperer. I can't believe it...I got a positive pregnancy test with my period being due today.

Should I continue taking all of the current vitamins that you have given me? Is there anything in addition you would suggest?
Testimonial By: Tee

Thank you

Sunday 06 July, 2014

After almost a year of actively trying to conceive after a very traumatic ectopic pregnancy and the loss of one of my fallopian tubes, my husband and I were beginning to think that our hopes for a 2nd child would not eventuate naturally or at all. After advice from numerous GP's, we assumed that we would have to go down the path of the very financially and emotionally taxing IVF, that of course wouldn't offer any guaranteed outcome. It was all very depressing and was really getting us down. I wasn't prepared to go down the road of IVF quite yet and had it in my head that there had to be a kinder alternative. I started to do some research online for natural fertility methods and came across Anne's website. As soon as I started reading all the information and incredible reviews from the many people she had already helped to conceive, I instantly felt hopeful.
Upon meeting Anne I felt incredibly at ease. I found her to be so down to earth and easy to talk to and her extensive knowledge of everything fertility, infertility and nutrition as well as her genuine care and honest approach instilled me with the confidence that I could still conceive naturally.

Following all her advice, taking the prescribed medicines and making the required changes to my diet, I saw almost instant physical changes and after only 1 cycle, to our complete and utter disbelief I have discovered I am pregnant.

Needless to say, this would never have occurred naturally and so quickly without coming to Anne and we are eternally grateful for all her help.
For anyone that is dubious about the potential effectiveness of natural medicine and the impact structured, healthy eating and can have on fertility, I encourage you to have faith, contact Anne and give it a go. She is such a lovely lady and she really does know her stuff.

I would refer anyone to her in a heartbeat.
Testimonial By: Jo

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