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Online Consultations

Online consultations are available. An extensive questionnaire is available to gather all the same information as a clinic consultation. The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete and is assessed by Anne only within 48 hours. The cost is $140 for initial consultation and $50 for subsequent consultations. Within 48 hours of submitting a consultation form you will be contacted by Anne either by email or phone either outlining all the recommendations or requesting further information or clarification. You can then order any herbs or nutrients via the website which will be sent to you by Australia post.

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Phone Consultations

Phone consultations are available to follow up people who have initially had either an online or clinic consultation.

An appointment is required and the consultation is run in the same manner as a clinic consultation, with the same information collected and the opportunity to ask any questions. The cost is $50 for a subsequent consultations. Following the consultation you will be sent an email outlining all the recommendations and any herbs or nutrients can be sent to you by express post.

Clinic Consultations

The initial consultation takes approximately 1 hour with subsequent consultations requiring around 30 minutes. Times are by appointment, and include some after normal business hours and Saturdays. The cost for a first consultation is $180 and subsequent consultation is $80.(Prices valid until Dec 2015)

Consultations are held at the Kew clinic:

Anne Digby Women's Health @ KEW

Vital Integrated Health,

77 Willsmere Rd,

Kew Victoria 3101


The clinic is easy to find in Willsmere Rd near the Eastern freeway entrance at Chandler highway and parking is on both sides of the street.


No longer consulting @ WONGA PARK

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