Articles by Anne

These are some of Anne's articles that have been published throughout Australia. Some of them have also been published overseas by various support groups.

Iron Supplementation in Pregnancy

Published in the Winter 2008 edition of Nurture - a magazine devoted to parenting naturally.


This article about detoxification - what it is and how it happens - appeared in IVF Friends Newsletter in December 2005.

Folic acid and B Vitamins

What are folic acid and B vitamins, where do they come from and why are they recommended for women wishing to conceive. Published in IVF Friends Newsletter in 2006.

Caffeine and Fertility

An article about recent scientific research into the effect of caffeine on male and female fertility. Published in IVF Friends Newsletter in April 2005.

Male Fertility

This article includes references about many of the known factors that affect sperm quality and quantity. Published in IVF Friends Newsletter in June 2005.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

What is this complex condition and what are the underlying causes. Published in IVF Friends Newsletter in May 2003.

Eating for Polycystic Ovarian Disease

A brief introduction in the type of diet that is helpful for this condition.


This article is about the disruption that environmental chemicals are causing our hormones and includes references. Published in IVF Friends Newsletter in April 2003

Multivitamins and the Risk of Breast Cancer

A recent research paper was published showing an increased risk of breast cancer for women taking multivitamins. This is Anne's scientific critique of the study.

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